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Why You Need To Be There ?


  • Network with big, celebrated names in the Wedding Industry who host premium and celebrity weddings.
  • Build relationships with the many State, National & InternationalTourism Boards, and gain access to a wealth of information and resources on different destinations, their local customs, and regulations.
  • Expand your clientele by networking &connecting with people from across different spectrums.
  • Stay ahead of your competition in the industry by learning through interactive workshops and high-value presentations.
  • Gain access to recommended venues having unique characteristics.
Global Destinations Expo & Conference

Global Destinations Expo & Conference


  • Explore newer exotic local and foreign locations for shoots, to attract a global audience and create a global appeal.
  • Find ideal backgrounds for songs and action sequences that require new and attractive surroundings.
  • Explore cost-effective venues to save on production costs.
  • Collaborate with Tourism Boards that offer financial incentives for filming, as this can promote those locations to tourists worldwide.
  • Examples of locations with financial incentives for filming include the UK, Hungary, and Serbia.


  • Get an opportunity to interact and connect with Wedding Planners and Film Production Houses in search of suitable venues.
  • Will also help you expand your business network and secure new partnerships.
  • Initiate dialogues with the many Tourism Boards on how to increase footfalls and subsequent business.
  • Networking with people in the same industry will provide valuable insights into industry trends and best practices.
Global Destinations Expo & Conference

Global Destinations Expo & Conference


  • Connect with Wedding Planners and Film Production Houses to help showcase and promote your State and/or Country.
  • Showcase your destination's unique offerings, such as cultural experiences, natural beauty, and exciting activities.
  • Learn about the latest trends in the destination wedding industry and how to position your destinations accordingly.
  • Build relationships with industry professionals to develop partnerships and collaborations.
  • Organise fam trips to showcase your State's offerings and build relationships with Wedding Planners, Film Production Houses and Industry Professionals.